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Langata Prison – Elizabeth’s Letter

High Dear Mother,

is to greet you, I love you so much. Deep down in my heart I thank God for
meeting such a wonderful person as you. I know it’s an opportunity and may the
good Lord bless you so much. I didn’t know that one day I will meet such nice
people as you. When I came to prison I thought it was the end for me. I didn’t
know I will survive the prison life. I thought I might die before completing my
sentence but thank God he gave me lots of hope.

was imprisoned 2006 and I don’t have anyone to come and visit me. I come from a
poor background. I am a firstborn in a family of five. I have no father because
he passed away. I have a problem. Sometimes I become very sick and I don’t have
any money to buy milk so I request that you come to visit me. I am always
lonely and depressed. I am like an orphan. I don’t have someone close to me to
share my problems. I request that you become one and God will bless you.

have been sentenced to seven years. I pray that God may help me so that I can
live. Your company made me forget that I was in prison. I don’t know if my son
Collins is alive or dead for I have never heard about him. Please help.

bible says that if you repent your sins the Lord shall forgive you and raise
you up to be with the Kings.

you very much,

loving daughter,

Elizabeth Muringo Sylvia (age 23)