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Consulting by Gloria Simoneaux

Consulting by Gloria Simoneaux | Events Calendar >>

Trainings are offered in culturally sensitive methods of using the expressive arts and play therapy techniques to initiate trusting relationships with children and to awaken their empathy.

Trainings are tailored to the unique needs of individuals or organizations.

Trainings provide tools for volunteers who intend to work abroad so that they can facilitate expressive, nonverbal activities in their work with vulnerable, traumatized children. The tools include art, music, dance and movement that create non-threatening methods for children to tell their stories, ground and organize their thoughts and feelings while communicating their experiences to others.

Trainings emphasize the importance of playful and joyful interaction with children who have experienced loss and struggle.

Although the focus is primarily on work developed in response to the AIDS crisis, the techniques can be adapted and used in any context with traumatized children.

No previous art experience required. All trainings are experiential.

Examples of training objectives:

1. Acquire techniques that support a child in one-on-one therapeutic art interventions.

a. Develop skills to create a trusting environment that facilitates self-exploration.

b. Gain knowledge of expressive art/play and drama techniques.

c. Learn how to be non-directive while supporting the creative process.

d. Learn to facilitate, without judgment, the process of

allowing children to externalize their internal feelings through art.

Painting by child during Harambee Arts session photo

Painting by child during Harambee Arts session

"I love my teeth and my hands because I do lots of things with them." ~ Eden

2. Become a competent trainer of the expressive arts practice:

a. Learn to assess the needs of training groups and respectfully address the participants at their level of expertise.

b. Become skilled at modeling clear boundaries.

c.Teach workshop facilitators to become empowered leaders.

3. Develop awareness of cultural sensitivity and the unique needs of traumatized children.

4. Acquire awareness of the impact of trauma on children including HIV/AIDS orphans in Africa, children living with cancer and homeless children.

5. Learn to become more authentic, spontaneous and trusting of your intuition when using expressive art techniques.

6. Foster a holistic approach to children's issues and child development.

To set up a training please Call (415) 721-7068 or Email Gloria at Harambee Arts >>

Fees for trainings will be paid directly to Ms. Simoneaux (on a consultancy basis) and are separate from her work as the Director of Harambee Arts. Unless otherwise indicated, funds generated through U.S. trainings do not financially support Harambee Arts.

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